The Hiring Process

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We Want You To Pass Our Exams…

Discover everything you need to know about our hiring process. We want you to successfully pass our examination process, which is why we’re providing you some valuable information on this page.

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The Hiring Process

Not just anyone can join our team. We have to have the best candidates for consideration to be a member of our team. To facilitate this, applicants must complete a series of examinations (not all exams are required for some positions).


We will check your criminal, educational, credit records and more to learn more about you.


You’ll be examined to make sure you are healthy enough to perform your duties in a stressful environment.

Oral Interview

We’ll meet you to find out who you are, and see how well you’re able to answer questions.

Physical Agility

For police officer applicants, you’ll perform a series of physical tests to make sure your fit for the job.


You’ll take a comprehensive written psychological exam, and then you’ll be interviewed by a psychologist.


You’ll complete a polygraph examination to ensure you are honest and possess integrity.

Written Exam

You will take a written exam covering writing, memorization, and reasoning skills.

Officer Spotlight

Name: Officer Amanda Riedell

Years: 9


Assignment: Detective


Experience: Patrol, School Resource Officer, Mobile Field Force, Special Enforcement Team, Peer Support, Investigations

“I started my career with Montclair Police Department in 2015, and have been living my dream ever since. The department shows you they truly care for your knowledge, and expertise in matters with continuous training provided”

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Like we mentioned above, we want you to pass our exams. That’s why we’re offering you this FREE guide offering more information and helpful tips for each phase of our hiring process. 

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